Sky Seeds

Sky Seeds

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Teenagers have parent conflicts. Mexicans have conflicts between their Native and Colonial roots. Benito Ochoa experiences both in spades: his long-absent father is from “beyond the sky” and shows up to enlist him in a scheme to rebuild and rule the Earth.

Plucked from the gutters of Tijuana to study at Yale–and the hyperspace realms of The Sky–Benito wants to rebel, but seems to be a step behind galactic events. So he exploits the ancient, unused system of meta-space “Tubes” to run amok with his street gang amigos; smuggling across a sprawl of lesser and greater developed planets. His week is spent as a Yalie with a hot redhead girlfriend, arguing with professors about history that he knows more about than they do, but can’t prove it.

Then a net of mysterious police start closing in on the renegades on every planet they “tube” to, and it looks like his father is grooming him to be an intergalatic Hitler, and his worst enemy from The Sky might be the person he most needs to trust.

Ben and his friends turn to what’s gotten them by int he past: street smarts, family wisdom, and fire power–but this time they’re up against things nobody in history has dealt with before.