July 2017


Well, we’re past “the Fourth” and officially well into SUMMERTIME.  So you’ll be heading for the beach and in need of the usual mindless beach reading matter.  Well, have I got some deals for you and your Kindle this month.

This was one of my first novels, written in the back of my van I was living in on Mexican beaches.  A lot of beaches, a lot of action, some truly “dry martini” romance, and a lot about Mexican culture.

From Cabo to Vallarta to the Sierra Madres fortress of a sky bandit, Doc pursues the kidnapped heiress (and Dancy Russell is one of my more dynamic characters) but doesn’t realize that she may not be any “Red Chief”, but she’s totally reversed the whole concept of kidnapping.  Or that every man who falls for her ends up dead.  To get FREE (through July 15) click the cover or  HERE.

PS, I’ve had a chapter of “Damned Love” in my website samples for years.  Here’s a nice Mexico beach town hit by Dancy Russell at the top of her form.  Just click HERE.


You Want Beach?  How About Miami Beach and Havana?

If you like “Damned Love”, good chance you’ll also dig this one.  Also featuring Doc Hardesty.  Doc isn’t the usual series hero.  He’s not the whole, or even main, story.  More like an MC who hosts some much more interesting characters.  In “Love” it’s the blonde babe bomb, Dancy.  In this one it’s rock&roll soldier “Jim Dandy” Earl.  In whose wild company Doc roams from Africa to Miami to Cuba in search of a lost love… and of course it’s all rigged up by The Company.  From explosions on the veldt to Havana night clubs to dungeons to gunboats on the high seas, Jim and Doc lay down both kinds of rock and roll, with some laughs along the way.  This is another of my screenplay conversions: shortish but packed with entertainment.  FREE through  July 15, just click cover or  HERE



El Niño Perdido

“For Your Damned Love” (the name of a Vicente Fernandez song, by the way) includes a scene in a Puerto Vallarta bar listening to this song being performed.  It’s my favorite of the mariachi reporetoire– dramatically acting out a very touching story, which relates to the plot, of a lost child.  

I was lucky to find this wonderful video of the song by Mariachi Tierras Rojas and wanted to share it.  The scene from the book can be downloaded and read  HERE.

Don’t  Forget the Bear Force

Remember bears (especially aviator bears) are the mascots and spirit animals for this newsletter.  If you see any really cool and/or cute one, send them in for a mention.

This came from Caitlin Nava, in response to my saying th at to me bears are very much about the protection of children.  This has the be the most wonderful image of that I’ve ever seen.  And nicely sums up my whole deal with bears as personal totems.  Sleep tight, kiddos… the Bear Force is watching out for you.

Pirate This BookMy “Whitman’s Sampler”

This is my standard introductory freebie, but if you haven’t you might want to browse it: the price is certainly right. An eclectic sampler of various forms of my work, from stand-alone novel chapters to short stories and articles to poems and even song lyrics. And all, amazingly enough, somewhat thematic to Piotr’s great image of a cute pirate lass tossing a pot and amassing booty.  Always FREE, by way of introduction:  I’m always please to meet you.

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