For Your Damned Love

A Doc Hardesty Adventure

For Your Damned Love

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KIDNAPPED IN MEXICO by a notorious air pirate, Dancy likes the wild life of the cartel gunmen so much that she takes over the gang and starts pulling robberies. The men who would possess her keep ending up dead. Can Doc find the beautiful heiress and bring her out alive? Or will he also fall for her?

This book has been called “Romancing The Stone Noir”: two attractive people fleeing drug bandidos through the jungle… but with a much more “adult” feel or both relationships and violence.

Those familiar with Mexico will enjoy the trajectory of Doc’s hunt for Dancy (and the subsequent deadly hunt for the pair of them). Guadlajara to Cabo San Lucas to Puerto Vallarta to Punta Mita to the smuggler’s roost in the highlands of the Nayarit Sierra; it’s a travelogue as well as a thriller and a dark “espresso” romance.