April 2017


Yes, I’m finally sending out newsletters.  Every month, hopefully.  Little sunbeams of writing and offers and general bonhomie for people who must be pretty cool because you like my writing.  And compiling them here on my site.
Starting off with a special event–enter for a chance to get a whole bunch of free humor books.  How great is that?  And some other goodies I tossed in.  Enjoy, stick around… see you next month.  

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As I mentioned, the big feature this month (for me, anyway) is something I’ve never done before–a give-away drawing.  With a twist: sign up and you have a chance to pick up humor books from several dozen writers.  So give it a shot: click the monkey pic or THIS LINK to go to the site where the bonanzaroo is going on.  Best of luck.  
 My contribution to the prize basket is the notorious “Weekend Warrior”–a novel based in San Diego media (such as it is) and woven around humor columns from my beloved/dreaded, award-winning syndicated column of the same name.

FREE Best-Selling Medical Humor Collection

FREE Medical Humor CollectionContests are fun, but here’s a freebie that’s guaranteed. If you don’t have this collection of hospital/medical humor, remember what the best medicine is. Product of some very gifted humorists, it’s major therapy and a great gift for anybody to you know who works in the healing arts.
WARNING: the humor here (from a stellar collection of writers, including syndicated columnists) is what you might call dry or noir, not Readers Digest Giggle Medicine. It’s even been described as “sick” which is kind of ironic. Just saying. I have faith that you’ll get some guffaws out of this book, as will anybody you show/gift/inflict it to.
And if you like it, slap up a review—these are some great writers and deserve accolades.
Pick it up RIGHT HERE, For FREE April 4-8.

I knocked this video out in a hurry… but what the hell? It’s free, too.

Under A Buck!

Shhoting your boyfriendIf healing isn’t your thing, you might get a charge out of this April Deal, a book that is on the opposite side of making people all better. My friend and sometime collaborator Cammy May Hunnicutt brings her delightful southern wit and appalling homicidal tendencies to bear on the problems of inferior boyfriends and her remedial approach. Along with handy tips for deciding, execution, and choice of best shootin’ irons.
DOUBLE WARNING on this one. NOT, as you might have gathered, your typical chick-lit chucklebook. Look at the cover, for Pete’s sake. If you are a prude, or insecure in your masculinity, might best pass.
Small but deadly, a major crack-up for a mere
99 cents.



ThisLin Robinson Writing Sampler is my standard introductory freebie, but if you haven’t you might want to browse it: the price is
certainly right. An eclectic sampler of various forms of my work, from stand-alone novel chapters to short stories and articles to poems and even song lyrics. And all, amazingly enough, somewhat thematic to Piotr’s great image of a cute pirate lass tossing a pot and amassing booty.

Asides for April:

The Menace of the Undefined

It’s a wonder I became a writer. I went to three schools in third grade and therefore never mastered more than an infantile scrawl for cursive writing and even my signature. Then I flunked typing in high school. (A bad rap, actually, but there it is.) But the worst of it was the way my parents (both educated and articulate) warred against words. I had a hard time keeping track of all the words I couldn’t Pistolerouse without Wrath of the Gods punishments. But looking back on it, what really gets me is that we couldn’t use the nonsense words “Mad” magazine coined. (I was not allowed to read “Mad”, either, but sneaked copies from by buddy’s big brother.) You remember the ones I mean: “furshlugginer”, “farshimet”… words dripping with wacko invective, but bereft of meaning. Which didn’t matter to the parents: they’d ask if I knew what the words meant, and when I shook my resigned little head, said the MIGHT be bad words and were thus verboten. Now think about that… this unknown word MIGHT be a bad one, so don’t ever use it. I think you can understand why I react so strongly against people who advise writers to avoid adverbs, alternatives to “said”, passive verbs… or ANY word in the English language, which was create by writers for writers to frolic in. It’s a bad day when you can’t blame something on your fushlugginer parents.


Continuing the Borderland series… but with an exciting change of direction. This story will tune in the beautiful, combative Officer Novena Rosas for you in a big way. Stay tuned.


Oh, and the bear art? My lifelong totem and spirit animal. Probably from being born on Hokkaido with the whole Ainu bear reverence that set the island solidly in the Circumpolar Bear Cult.  But anyway… if you have really cool bear art, send it to me and I’ll flash the best of them to my cult of rabid fans and followers. Click Here
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