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Laughter might be the best medicine, but it’s not covered by Medicare. So this little book provides a low-cost, over-the-counter dosage to cheer up (and/or terrify) those who find themselves on the wrong end of health maintenance. (Whichever the “wrong end” might be.) Some of the funniest humor writers on the scene today share their stories, jokes, therapeutic venting, and scans of the process of Getting Better–including some medical personnel who didn’t realize they were being funny. Contributors include columnists, comedians, authors, TV writers, and people with unauthorized access to hospital files.
This inexpensive, pocket-sized book is a time-released “get well card” for the ailing and afflicted, an inside chuckle for medical professionals, and a collection of healing fun for those who aren’t under care at the moment.Contents include:
–Previews of Coming Contractions
–My Hysterical-Ectomy
–Sometimes It Is Brain Surgery
–Waiting for Dr. Godot
–The Missing Vagina Monologues
–The Patients of Job
–The Ma’am-O-Gram
–Hip Op Album
–When Make-A-Wish Goes Bad
–Specialists’ Opinion on ObamaCare
–Confessions of a Candy Striper

A great collection of laughs for anybody associated with Medicine from any perspective, these fine writers and hilarious bloopers will have you in stitches… if you aren’t already.


My Funny Valentine

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Somebody once said, “To learn to love, learn to laugh.” Either way, you’ll find the love of laughter, or at least a couple of good laughs about love, in this book.Here Valentine’s Day gets treated by some of the funniest writers in America: the people who win the humor contests, who write syndicated chuckle columns, who appear on comedy stages and write the jokes you hear on TV. A fun read, a new and different gift on “love day,” an open invitation to have a laugh at the comedy we know and celebrate as “Love.”