June 2017


I just want to tell you about a new book, another screenplay “reverse adaptation” like “Bailin”, and in many ways similar: southern kids in love going for the gold. 

But, “Smoky Rovers” (FREE through June 19) is also very different, as from most books, actually:  it’s a “musical”.  Not many of those around.  To explain, all three main characters are Nashville hopefuls who write songs, and those songs are very important to the story.  In fact, in the screenplay there is almost always singing on camera or as background music, and the lyrics do much to tell the tale and carry the plot. 

My problem… how to handle that in on a page.  Gave me a few headaches, frankly, but I hope you’ll agree that what I ended up with works.  Is readable, in other words, moves you through a story in an agreeable way.  Let me know what you think.  In fact, let me know as an amazon review if you really want me to love you forever.  Click on cover or HERE.

And speaking of “Bailin”, I think people who like the one would like the other, so it’s marked down to $.99 for the same period, giving you a chance to compare, contrast, and all that English class stuff.  This is one or my most popular books, and I think you’ll like the hot-wheelin’, sharp-shootin’, mad smoochin’ Cole and Bunny.  Again, if you do, let me know.  If you don’t keep it to yourself.  Just kidding: I always like to know what you think.  Click cover of HERE






In keeping with the country air of these books, here’s a report of the time I saw Leon Russell perform.  The time detailed here, he played with New Grass Revival .  Both times the guy was absolutely nuts.  A bit Okie country, a big rock and roll.  Man was a giant.  Get his low-down on The Pope.


My “Whitman’s Sampler”

This is my standard introductory freebie, but if you haven’t you might want to browse it: the price is certainly right. An eclectic sampler of various forms of my work, from stand-alone novel chapters to short stories and articles to poems and even song lyrics. And all, amazingly enough, somewhat thematic to Piotr’s great image of a cute pirate lass tossing a pot and amassing booty.  Always FREE, by way of introduction:  I’m always please to meet you.

And Don’t  Forget the Bear Force

Remember bears (especially aviator bears) are the mascots and spirit animals for this newsletter.  If you see any really cool and/or cute one, send them in for a mention.

This was sent by Jackeline Maldonado and I love it because I’ve always felt that my spirit bears are highly involved with the protection of children.


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