REVIEW by Larry Brody
Creator of “Police Story” TV series.

My most popular novel… adapted from this screenplay. BailinCole Haskins and Bunny Beaumont are crazy in love, which is sometimes good for their careers robbing banks, sometimes not. When even Cole’s lightning draw and Bunny’s steel-nerved driving doesn’t keep them from blowing a big heist in south Texas and have to split to Mexico to hide and heal up, they end up losing money on an armored car robbery that wrecks a town, but luck into an embezzler about to be killed by a bounty hunter.

They save him—for a stiff price—but by the time they smuggle him back into the USA on the flying chopper built by two nutso biker/smugglers, things are getting way too loose. They end up in a hostage hole-up, then get chased to a cliff by the law like Thelma and Louise. And through all the hot-wheeling, lead-slingin’, and wheeler-dealin’ they never miss a chance to crack a joke or smooch each other silly.

A richly comic crime novel with a unique twist, it’s also a cock-eyed romance. You’re going to remember Bunny and Cole.