Newsletter In The News!

Yes, it’s come to this.

Popular demand, various exigencies, promotional pogroms, the Times being what they are…  I am initiating a newsletter, effective April 4th of whatever year this is turning out to be.

Hopefully it will come to you chock full o’ wit, wisdom, wise-ass, and non-burnt offerings.  Allowing you to rock and rollick in the world of a near-near-great writer in the throes of creativity and trying to fit in with what’s expected these days.  So just look out, is all.

If you are reading this and have the sinking feeling that you are NOT on the mailing list for the newsletter at hand, I understand your despondence and panic.  But all you have to do is click the little lozenge thingie below for the opportunity to opportune to place your name and treasured email address onto my “little list” and get clued in every single month.  More of less.

Looking forward to bringing you this very specific, but pretty damned wonderful, news.

If you didn’t get a copy this month,  you can see it here… and sign up to get future editions.

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