Welcome to my new damned site.


CompletelybleedingOF2 redesigned and executed at the cost of only gallons of blood, shrouds of care, half of my nerves, and weeks of stress.  Not to mention lots of lost information.

Why? you may well ask.
Well let me just tell you why.

Because my old site–despite years of work-wasn’t “responsive”.  Which means that many jerks out there–possibly even you with your cute questions–COULDN’T SEE IT because it turns out over 70% of my site visitors visit on little tablets and pads and smartassphones and widgets and gadgets too small to make it worthwhile.
And more will use those gizmos every time.
Call me irresponsive.

So, I decided, I’ll just rebuild my site to be visible on iPhones in back alleys and classrooms.  No problemo.
I started with my Mexican Slang 101 site, painstakingly converting it to be “responsive”–meaning it collapses nicely to be read–more or less–on pocket devices.
This took a week of study, alone.  Coming up with–has to be “responsive”.  You can do this through “queries”, through sizes stated in percent and css mumbo jumbo instead of God-given pixels, through organizing other than with tables.  WITHOUT TABLES!  You fiends!

I got templates that re-sized everything to fit various sizes of screen… and, like when I converted to php, and when I learned css on top of my html skills, found everything more difficult and totally alien.  But I cookbooked through and that site is now legible on your damnedPhone.  You’re welcome.
But for my main site, there was just no way.  It’s an extremely big and complicated site, with more tables than a Mennonite picnic.  Take a look… (if you can SEE it, you gadget whore)  http://linrobinson.com/index.html

I tried every method known to convert and finally gave up.  Well, semi-gave up.  I just went to WordPress.  Get a responsive theme and you’re instantly responsive.
Not easy to convert WP to a specific look, but doable.  And there are all these cool widgets and plug-ins to help you cope.  Yay.
So… here it is.  Whoopee.

Actually, I rather like it.  And it reinforces what I tell a lot of newbies–don’t try to be a site designer, just trust Uncle WordPress.

So… whataya think?
(Not that I want comments… this site DRIPS with security and protection plug-ins.)


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