October 2017


…From Forty Years Ago


 Not like anything you’ve read before…and it’s FREE for you, right now!

The novel that refuses to die… about the band that died in order to take over the world. (More or less.)  I started this thing in the seventies, living in Seattle’s boho ghetto –Fremont—and covering music for pretty much every paper and mag in town.  Pre grunge scare. I was it as a major project, but my life had other plans.

Five years ago I wrote it as a screenplay. No luck… and it still amazes me that nobody’s ever made a movie about a band that can control the consciousness of their listeners, gradually building a fan base of mind slaves.

So this fall I finally knocked it out as a novel—and it was a pain the butt to do, let me tell you. But here it finally is, and it’s free for you to check out, through the end of the week.  Hook up on Kindle and enjoy it.  I’d love it if you could drop a few words about it on amazon, especially if you like it.

There is an interesting web page for the screenplay–pics or characters, synopsis, even the entire shooting script.  

Everybody’s Favorite “Raptor” Character

What I like best about it was a late development in writing it, the kind of thing novelists live for (apart from the big bucks, fawning fame, and constant sexual opportunities).  A character expanded from teenage groupie to the most entertaining member of the band.  She even has her own FaceBook page, a treasury of her “Jaxisms”—oddball speech structures that blow Mrs. Malaprop away.  Check her out.


Timing kind of makes this the “Halloween Newsletter”, so here you go: this page is a collection of skulls and bones and shivers, including a couple of videos and two shorts: one a humor piece about screwing over those goblins who come by to “trick or treat”, the other a tale of the world’s evilest cat. Click here. 


November is National Novel Writing Month.  So if you’re planning on writing a novel, ever, sign up on NaNoWriMo and see if you can do 50,000 words in one month.  I’ll do it for about the fourth time, and let you know what comes out of it. 


 Don’t  Forget the Bear Force

Remember that bears (especially aviator bears) are the mascots and spirit animals for this newsletter.  If you see any really cool and/or cute one, send them in for a mention.

This was sent in by Charlene Thompkins.  (She knows I toot things like that, especially at drum circles).  Bears might play and dance, but don’t forget all that ursine energy for the protection of children.  A teddy bear a day keeps the monsters away.