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Voice in the Wilderness  The One major force that builds your story… just listen for it.

The Prestige  Make magic work for your story.

Ex-Pertise  Does any given “guru” really know diddly about writing or selling your book?

Free: Still a Bargain  Not having a price doesn’t mean not having value.

Move It or Lose It Maybe the only constructive tip I’ve ever seen for aiding your writing.

After the Gold Rush  You’re late to the sky for book marketing.  So invent a new sky.

The Latin American Book Market  For Digital Book World.  Not everybody in the world buys.. or reads… the same way we do.

Indies: Beware the Bookstore Trap  For The Writing Hall.UK  The WORST place for indies to try to sell books.

Contemporary Poetry Publishing    A whole new world for poets.

Anthologies Part 1  One of the very best “platform” builders… and none of the “experts” ever mention it.

Anthologies Part 2  Can’t find one?  Make one.

Make Your Own Book Covers

Design Your Own Covers    You can probably do this.

Your Own Graphics Factories  And these free tools will help.

Banners, Buttons, and Beads  Writers need more than just covers.

Specialty Mini-Graphics   Come on, be special.