The Mexico/California border seen from both sides by two very different writers. All previously published in periodicals like the San Diego “Reader” and “Harpers”.

Collected from the syndicated cult column of the Nineties: taut, teeth-clenching, harrowing stories about the human condition, and how close it flows beneath the skin.

This compendium is an unusual step. It’s actually a traditional set of short fiction, like normal writers so often write. Spanning many years and moods, but above all…short.

The nods to ebook controversies, the cover’s a sweetie, but the contents are stand-alone samples of work from other books. A Whitman’s Sampler of treasures, matey! More fun here.

Decades of dark, biting, sweet, stories of Tijuana at night. Most previously published in various periodicals of the border area, now collected into one slim volume. The TJ of my experience over decades.

Reading for and about an often-neglected reader minority: men. Ranging from raunchy bits previously published in “Hustler” and “Biker” to fiction that pokes around under the hood of masculinity.

Although conceptually a true hyper-novel, the work can also be viewed as a collection of short pieces connected by hyperlinks: each a description of a photograph by the narrator.

Collected over several decades, these three-lobed stories are experimental in concept, but without the posturing of much x-lit. Each is composed of three pieces, unrelated except by a concept or theme.