A modern day Bonnie and Clyde heist Texas and Mexico until the run into something tougher than cops and killers… crooked politicians after six million bucks in bail money. A fun, romantic read that’s been compared to Carl Hiaasen and Donald Westlake.

The infamous syndicated column reboots itself as a novel. Forget “Ron Burgundy”: this is the satire on San Diego news media, and most other aspects of American life. Wiley is The Flim Flam Man, Bad Santa, Dr. Duke, and Wile E. Coyote rolled into one.

The first book in this funny, thrilling, sexy, exotic serial about a bunch of racially diverse babes trying to come up with the secret of 2012 before everything’s all over, by a founding member of the writing team.

The first of the Doc Hardesty series finds the mercenary-turned photographer chasing from Africa to Miami to Havana to rescue an old unrequited love. But he’ll need the help of rock’n’roll commando “Jim Dandy” Earl… and and eye out for tricks by the CIA.

When the Mazatlan mayor is nastily murdered during the tropical splash of Carnival, baseball hero turned journalist Mundo Carrasco needs to get to the bottom of before they kill the femme fatale he’s obsessed with… or him.

A unique and powerful book: a true hypertinytext novel in which chapters are connected by hyperlinks, rather than time sequence. Each chapter a description of a photograph by the nameless narrator.

Teenagers have parent conflicts. Mexicans have conflicts between their Native and Colonial roots. Benito Ochoa experiences both in spades: his long-absent father is from “beyond the sky” and shows up to enlist him in a scheme to rebuild and rule the Earth.

When a busted crime lord marries a beautiful escort to get conjugal visits in prison, he gets a lot more than he expected. And when federal cops and the rival MS-13 gang attack him, they get way more than they expected, too.

It’s been called “Romancing the Stone Noir”; an ex-soldier hired to track an heiress kidnapped by Mexican drug lords through the jungles and playgrounds of Cabo and Vallarta… but it’s starting to look like she’s the dangerous one, and the men who desire all ending up dead.

Set in the same cross-border world as the popular “Boneyard 11”, this multi-thread novel traces Maria de los Angeles from teen-aged Sinaloa hillbilly to narco bride, to Tijuana streetwalker… to a legend of human smuggling, an important element in stitching together a community with an imaginary line through its heart.

Chick Lit from Lin! Blonde bombshell BeeBee Blaylock is back, and working political campaigns again…but this time with some confidence men who can steal the San Diego mayorship… twice.