Hi,friends and fans
This is the most ambitious of what's become a yearly tradition: Halloween writing and video treats. I don't normally do horror, but I think you'll really like "Cat Call". At the bottom you'll see a link to a new anthology with the other HalloHorror story I ever wrote, from Crooked Cat. Also a couple of cute Halloween/Day of the Dead videos from Cabo Bob. Enjoy this stuff. No tricks. And take a look at my site and amazon page: it's been a busy year and there's some great new stuff in print.
Thanks for your support. Now shut up and eat your soup before it clots.

CLICK on graphics to download pdf stories or go to YouTube and amazon.com


A new story, never published or shown elsewhere. Nice and short and in keeping with my penchant for stories that don't pay off until the last line. Good for cat lovers and cat haters alike. Hope you enjoy it.


I toss this one every Halloween, but it only gets better with each new tasting. Or not. From my old cult humor column "The Weekend Warrior", just some suggestions to make the trick or treat experience more enjoyable.


My insidiously creepy horror story "Harvest Home" (another last-liner) appeared in the "Fear" anthology from Crooked Cat, a great bunch. BIG collection, all proceeds to charity.
Anyway, I'm in Volume One. Click pic to see on amazon.